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The Covid-19 situation has worsened throughout Europe and the associated restrictions stepped up over the last three weeks. This is creating enormous challenges for the licensor, World Skills Europe, and EuroSkills 2020 GmbH, the organisers of the European Skills Championships, in terms of organising the event for January 2021.

“The current situation gives us no choice but to postpone EuroSkills once again,” explains Josef Herk, Supervisory Board Chairman of EuroSkills 2020 GmbH. “However, postponed is not abandoned. We definitely intend to make the European Skills Championships happen at a later date. We are currently in close discussion with the international decision-making bodies,” says Herk.



An event of the size of EuroSkills 2020 can only be organised with many helping hands. EuroSkills 2020 offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience that goes far beyond a boring internship and to exchange experiences with people from more than 30 countries. Whether in VIP support, in logistics, in the media centre or in the construction and dismantling of the opening and closing ceremonies – the possible applications for EuroSkills 2020 are almost unlimited.

So if you would like to be a part of EuroSkills 2020, you can register right here.

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With EuroSkills 2020 we are hosting a large-scale event at European level. We are determined to make the event into an unforgettable adventure for all participants. It is also our firm commitment to use EuroSkills 2020 as a unique opportunity to change and shape the future in a sustainable way and to ensure that the participants, businesses and visitors keep the positive energy and the European Skills spirit in their hearts even beyond the event.

EuroSkills 2020
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To make the event a unique experience for everyone and to guarantee a smooth visit, all important information is collected here.

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A visit to the European Skills Championships is of course free of charge – but in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly for all guests, it is necessary to register via an online tool in advance. This only takes a few minutes and requires no personal data.

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