A colourful history of a hero

A colourful history of a hero

One of our Heroes, Lisa Janisch (European Champion, Painting and Decorating, EuroSkills 2016), talks about her own career, in which great passion, ambition, and above all creativity are combined with love for her craft.

Her very first project as a child was her own playroom. Colourful walls, decorated with unique and lovingly designed wall stickers, were her pride and joy. Even back then, when still at primary school, Lisa Janisch understood one thing above all else: life can never be too colourful! Today, almost 20 years later, she brightens up the lives of others with a fresh lick of paint. And she’s so good at it that she was crowned European champion in Painting and Decorating at EuroSkills Gothenburg in 2016, and then went on to win the titles of Austria’s “Best of Nation” and ultimately “Best of Europe” as the contestant scoring the highest number of points overall.

“Being a craftsperson brings a special kind of fulfilment. You create something with your hands and can immediately see the results. And you see the joy in the faces of your customers,” says the expert in her field.

She is now in a position to take apprentices under her wing. Is there anything Lisa would like to share with the younger generation to help them on their way? “Find out as much as you can before you decide on a career. Go and watch competitions to see how multifaceted the individual skills and trades can be. Yes, I can paint a wall, but that’s only the start of what I can do,” she sums up. Janisch’s victory at EuroSkills 2016 even paved her way to the European Parliament in Brussels, where she was invited to give a talk in front of an international audience. “That was definitely one of the highlights so far. Having a good command of English certainly paid off,” she says with a smile.

Where does she find inspiration for new, creative wall designs? Often in nature, for instance on the island of Sylt in Germany, her favourite place. “There you can find a quite special range of colours: delicate, pastel tones with matchless beauty,” she says. Her advice for all EuroSkills 2020 competitors: “Be inspired! Each new idea is one step further towards your professional goals.”

Lisa Janisch from Birkfeld won three gold medals at EuroSkills 2016 – and is one of our EuroSkills 2020 heroes. Photo: Kanizaj

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