A creative workshop manager trio

A creative workshop manager trio


There are over 55 workshop managers whose primary task will be to ensure that the competition areas on site are fully prepared and that all the tools and other materials required are available. All of the workshop managers are unpaid volunteers, who freely give up their time for the event. That’s why we would like to introduce the behind-the-scenes heroes of EuroSkills 2020 in this blog.

Let’s start our round of introductions with three especially creative workshop managers from the areas of fashion technology and graphic design: two tailoring and dressmaking experts, Margit Hein and Anneliese Ringhofer, and graphic designer, Malgorzata Borkenstein.

From left to right: Margit Hein (Fashion technology), Anneliese Ringhofer (Fashion technology) und Malgorzata Borkenstein (Graphic Design)

Customized competence for fashion technology

Margit Hein is a true expert in her field, fashion technology. Not only is she passionate about her role as workshop manager, but also for her job as a custom tailor and dressmaker – and has been, ever since starting her apprenticeship. After completing a traditional apprenticeship in a tailor’s and dressmaker’s shop in South-East Styria, she moved to Graz where she has since worked as a self-employed custom tailor and dressmaker for private customers and for the designers Ardeah Luh. It is precisely this love of and passion for her craft that Margit wishes to pass on to young people: “I am a workshop manager because I feel it is important to convey to young people the enjoyment and enthusiasm of a training programme. EuroSkills is the perfect event for you to show that you have what it takes. This is just awesome, and is why I feel honoured to be part of such an incredible event in my role as workshop manager.”

Another expert in fashion technology is Anneliese Ringhofer, also a passionate custom tailor and dressmaker. Anneliese has been fascinated by this area of work from the start: after completing her training at the fashion school in the town of Wiener Neustadt, her first career steps included theatre costumes and bridal fashion…before she went to sea. After all  – as she learned at the time  –  even cruise ships have a need for experienced custom tailors and dressmakers. Today, Anneliese is a self-employed tailor and dressmaker with her own shop. She approached EuroSkills through the Styrian Economic Chamber’s guild: “I would like to raise awareness for the beauty of a craft and show that a vocational education programme can be the foundation for a really great career. Also, I feel to some extent that it is my duty to support the project and the young people taking part in EuroSkills in my country. The atmosphere and team spirit at events such as EuroSkills are truly exceptional.”

Passion on screen

Last but not least of the creative trio is Malgorzata Borkenstein: the passionate graphic designer is employed by innovation network service (isn) in Graz and trained at the Austrian Federal Education and Research Institute for Graphics in Vienna. That is also where Malgorzata discovered her interest for EuroSkills: “My then teacher Christoph Elmecker told me about the Skills event. It all sounded so fascinating that I applied to be a workshop manager right away.” For the graphic designer, the best thing in life is to bring situations, messages or moods to the screen. That’s why she takes such pride in her trade: “The world of work is becoming more and more impersonal, and therefore I think it’s more important than ever to identify with one’s trade and to be proud of one’s skill. This is exactly what EuroSkills is about. Everybody can showcase their skills in a fabulous atmosphere. For me, it is this Skills spirit that unites all of us, competitors and helpers alike.”

Photo: Foto Neumayr

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