Austrian brickmakers’ federation becomes official supplier for EuroSkills 2020

Austrian brickmakers’ federation becomes official supplier for EuroSkills 2020

We are delighted to announce that a new supplier has recently joined our EuroSkills 2020 sponsors: a federation representing the interests of the Austrian brickmaking industry, the Zieglerverband. This federation comprises seven member factories and guarantees high-quality products by voluntarily adopting more stringent requirements than those prescribed by the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering. Research and development carried out by the federation ensure an innovative edge and continuous quality improvements. The entire scope of the service offering addresses all users of bricks from private home builders, master builders and architects through to housing cooperatives and consulting engineers.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the Zieglerverband will be supporting us as a supplier for the bricklaying skill. “For EuroSkills 2020, bricks are an extremely important material because it is by directly using them that the architectural and aesthetic benefits of the material become clearly visible. The competitors will have the opportunity to fully benefit from and apply the versatility of bricks”, says Rudolf Ecklmayr, managing director of the Zieglerverband. He also appreciates the opportunities that open up for young skilled workers who participate in EuroSkills: “These young people have already demonstrated the high standards of their training in previous qualifying rounds. This gives an enormous boost to the competitors’ future career chances, and the employers who invest considerable resources in training these young people also reap the rewards of their success at the market level.”

We would like to thank the Zieglerverband again for its support and look forward to a successful event in 2020.

The Zieglerverband is now an official supplier for the bricklaying skill at EuroSkills 2020.
Photo credit: Marija Kanizaj

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