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We are aiming to build excitement and curiosity about EuroSkills 2020 at national and international level using modern and effective communication measures and campaigns. The legendary skills “bug” will cause enthusiasm for SKILLS to go viral right across Austria and beyond its borders, and will make Graz, City of Skills, the focus of international attention. We will gradually widen the EuroSkills 2020 community by presenting entertaining and exciting topics. We will keep people posted about our activities; we will inform and inspire them and will spread the positive energy and the European Skills idea far and wide.



Of course, a mega-event like EuroSkills 2020 has to be recorded in every imaginable way. Our Flickr account shows snapshots of the candidates’ work during the competitions, captures the mood of the visitors and lets them look behind the scenes.


EuroSkillsTV is our own “TV channel”, with ongoing coverage and, in particular, broadcasting the events live in 2021. The archive contains impressions from the past EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions and shows the work that was put into the application for the hosting and the ongoing preparations for the event.


YouTube fans will find image videos, campaign videos, and spots on our EuroSkills2020 channel. More cool videos follow – take a look regularly.


With our EuroSkills 2020 apps, you can now always be up to date.


Our app for all fans


Always up to date – possible with our news. In our newsfeed we regularly report about current events, news about our team and important milestones in the preparation until 2021.

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Our blog offers fascinating insights behind the scenes. How are the preparations going for this massive event? Who are the people behind it? What’s the latest on EuroSkills 2020? You’ll find the answers to these questions and many more in our regular blog posts.

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All articles


Social networking is the best way to interact with the community in real time. On our unique social wall, we bundle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube on one platform and, in addition to our own contributions, show the latest news from around the world about EuroSkills.
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – the latest news, exciting stories and cool competitions await you.

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