Companies support EuroSkills 2020 even in times of crisis

Companies support EuroSkills 2020 even in times of crisis

Over the past two months, EuroSkills 2020 has once again been able to welcome a number of new companies on board as sponsors despite the difficult times: a good sign that support for young skilled workers is of great importance despite the crisis.

No fewer than 7 companies have decided to support EuroSkills 2020 as sponsors for a wide range of skills over the past two months. The three companies Bosch Rexroth, May GmbH and Shining 3D are bronze sponsors of the European Skills Championships and thus make their products available to young skilled workers.

Bosch Rexroth, which comes from Germany, supports the two skills Heavy Vehicle Technology and Heavy Truck Maintenance in the occupational category Transport and Logistics and also contributes to the Try-a-Skill stations on site. May GmbH, which has its headquarters in Seiersberg near Graz and is known as a catering wholesaler, is therefore also suitably committed to the “culinary skills” of cooking, butchers, bakers and restaurant service in the professional category of services. The high-tech company Shining3D has specialized in 3D digitization and additive manufacturing technologies and with its products makes a valuable contribution to the Skill CAD designer at EuroSkills 2020.

Four other companies have decided to support EuroSkills 2020 as suppliers. Hela Gewürze, a company from Carinthia, provides the gastronomic skills cooking, butcher, baker and restaurant service as a supplier of various spices and equipment such as pots and pans. The new supplier Coffee-Tech takes care of the “physical well-being” of all participants: As the name suggests, the company from Gratwein near Graz provides various coffee machines on the event site and thus ensures energy supplies during the labour-intensive competition days. The French company Raphael Perrier has dedicated itself entirely to the topic of hair and provides the participants in the Skill Hairdresser with a wide range of tools and model heads for the competition. And last, but not least: The Austrian company Holzmann Maschinen, which supports the two skills cabinetmaker and carpenter with various tools and other necessary utensils.

Thanks a lot for the great support – We are Skills!

Even in times of crisis we stick together and are supported by 7 new companies. Foto: EuroSkills 2020/Kanizaj.

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