Discover Kazan: all the sights you won’t want to miss

Discover Kazan: all the sights you won’t want to miss



WorldSkills 2019 invites us to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, a federal republic of the Russian Federation. Alongside the exciting competitions and impressive accomplishments, there is also plenty to do and see in one of Russia’s most liveable cities. More than 1,000 years of history and a melting pot of people with various cultural backgrounds: just some of the reasons why the million-strong metropolis of Kazan is slowly but surely developing into a veritable tourist hotspot. We’ve done some research for you so that we can tell you about the most beautiful sights: those must-see places you definitely shouldn’t miss when you visit.

The most well-known is Kazan’s Kreml. The impressive white building is located on a hill in the north of the city centre and was designated a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in the year 2000. This is where you’ll also find the famous Kul-Sharif mosque, with its impressive ceiling paintings that are really worth seeing. Entrance to the Kreml is free of charge, though guided tours are available for a fee.

If you like bright, colourful things, then Kazan’s Tatar’s quarter is the place for you. You won’t fail to notice the building fronts painted in many bright colours, and the Muslim heritage is well represented by one of the minarets that can be seen there. The district was originally a kind of suburb of Kazan; today, it is home to around 75 cultural monuments.

The Kremlin of Kazan is famous for its imposing buildings and snow-white outer walls, which is why it is often called “the white Kremlin”. Photos: courtesy of WorldSkills International.

Another interesting place to visit is “Ulitsa Baumana” (Bauman street). It is the city’s first pedestrian zone and it is certainly rather lively, with street artists entertaining the passers-by and a wealth of cafés, restaurants and shops awaiting you. When travelling to a foreign country, it’s always nice to try the local cuisine. An excellent place to do this is the restaurant known as “House of Tatar Cuisine”, where Tatar dishes have been prepared since 1969 and guests are entertained with live music in the evenings.

Several museums are worth a visit, but the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is particularly instructive if you want to learn more about the republic and the city. It is also one of the region’s largest museums and houses more than 800,000 exhibits. Two exceptional museums are the Tschak Tschak museum and the Soviet Lifestyle Museum. The Tschak Tschak museum interactively presents traditional Tatar food and drinks, while the Soviet Lifestyle Museum takes you back in time to the era of the Soviet Union.

If you like the great outdoors and want to stretch your legs a bit, a visit to the Black Lake, set among extensive parkland, is a must. The park is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll and it is often the venue for various concerts and festivals. The name of the lake is associated with a number of historical legends, including one which explains that the Black Lake was so called because it was where black swans made their home.

Photos: courtesy of WorldSkills International.

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