Erste Bank and Sparkasse supports “Try a Skill”

Erste Bank and Sparkasse supports “Try a Skill”

In September 2020, our visitors will be able not only to experience the spirit of vocational skills championships at first hand, but also – with the Try-a-Skill project – to take part in one of Austria’s largest careers information events. Our new silver sponsor, the bank Erste Bank Sparkasse which is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, is generously supporting the rollout of this flagship project targeted at school students.

“Try a Skill” will offer young people the opportunity, in a fun and exciting way, to try their hand at skills and trades there and then – at the EuroSkills 2020 competition venue. The focus is on identifying their own strengths and abilities, so that they can discover their own talent. This is a message that also matters a lot to our sponsor, Erste Bank Sparkasse. Steiermärkische Sparkasse CEO and president of the Austrian association of savings banks, Dr. Gerhard Fabisch, explains why Erste Bank Sparkasse is so committed to this particular project for young people: “EuroSkills 2020 will enhance Styria as a business location in a way that we are delighted to support. In particular, guiding and supporting young people along their career path is something that is very important to us. The Try-a-skills project gives us the perfect platform to do this – discovering one’s own strengths and skills in a fun way, and seeing that passion and motivation lead to success.”

EuroSkills 2020 would like to thank the bank once again for its generous backing as a silver sponsor, and especially for supporting the Try-a-skill project, and with it the young, skilled workers of the future.

Picture: Erste Bank Sparkasse, a strong supporter of young people: Dr. Gerhard Fabisch (Steiermärkische Sparkasse CEO and president of the Austrian association of savings banks), with certificate for being a silver sponsor of EuroSkills 2020 and the “Try a Skill” project. Picture© Margit Kundigraber


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