European Skills Championships fly the flag for sustainability

European Skills Championships fly the flag for sustainability

With the new EuroSkills 2020 tram, the company welcomes a new – and above all sustainable – member to the Skills family. The inauguration of the EuroSkills tram on 11 March 2020 marks the start of the environmentally responsible design of the first European Skills Championships in Austria from 16 to 20 September 2020 at Messe Congress Graz.

Graz is gearing itself up for the arrival of 650 competitors, around 1,000 experts and tens of thousands of visitors every day at the EuroSkills event in September 2020. This enormous influx of visitors will need to be transported to the event venue and back to their accommodation each day, by the most sustainable means possible. The organisers feel that this should result in minimal impact on the environment. As a visible sign of this initiative, a special EuroSkills 2020 tram is already making its way around the city. The tram proudly replaces the stunning equivalent of 148 private cars in Graz’s notoriously busy early-morning traffic.

Resource-efficient approach in the organising process

“As a general principle, we at the European vocational championships are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. We approach the issue from various angles, ranging from public transport to measures such as using reusable drinking bottles and dishes on site, and ensuring an economical supply chain,” stresses Josef Herk, Supervisory Chairman of EuroSkills 2020 GmbH. “In this way, we aim to keep the carbon footprint of EuroSkills 2020 as low as possible and make an important social contribution to environmental protection.”  What this means in real terms, for example, is working with the official logistics partner for the event, DHL, to ensure that all the necessary materials are transported to the event venue as economically as possible. E-transporters will be available on site to take the deliveries of materials to the competition areas. Moreover, EuroSkills 2020 Gold Sponsor Holding Graz supports the event inSeptember 2020 with free tickets for public transport in the city of Graz – the accredidation serves as a ticket for the Competitors and those involved.

Social sustainability guaranteed

Sustainability in social aspects will also be ensured with initiatives such as the “Try a Skill” careers guidance project, and an inclusive approach to the recruitment of volunteers. For example, people with disabilities will also be engaged as volunteers for EuroSkills 2020, with duties ranging from welcoming visitors and helping in the warehouse to working in the various restaurant facilities at the event. “EuroSkills 2020 will be a magnificent festival of professional excellence, right here in our city,” says Kurt Hohensinner, the City of Graz Councillor for Education, Youth and Social Affairs. “With a great many sporting events under its belt, Graz has already made a name for itself as an outstanding host city – and the event this autumn will only confirm this. Through close networking with the educational and training infrastructure, the skills contest will also have a lasting impact on Styria. Speaking as the councillor for social affairs and qualified special educational needs teacher, I’m delighted that the team of volunteers will also include people with disabilities. In this way, the enthusiasm generated by EuroSkills can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone.”

Photos: EuroSkills 2020/Klaus Morgenstern.

The EuroSkills 2020 tram is the newest member of the “Skills Family”.

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