D5 Retail Sales

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D5 Retail Sales / Verkauf

Retail sales could be for you if you like:

  • Helping people
  • Being creative

  • Complex problems

  • Working as a team

  • Using computers

More about this skill:

Retail and wholesale services have an increasingly important and challenging role in all economies. With new communications technology, wholesale and retail services increasingly transcend national and continental borders, as dictated by consumer demand, price and supply. Without retail and wholesale services, producers would lose sales opportunities and lack vital market intelligence to drive their businesses. Historically, retailing has tended to be taken for granted because it “would always be there”; it has not been rated highly as a career path, despite the evident opportunities for career progression and satisfaction. In the face of new technologies, the dangers of continuing to regard retail and wholesale services in this way are stark, from declining town and city centres, to worsening customer service from remote suppliers, and a loss of autonomy, competitiveness and opportunity for producers.

Retail and wholesale services contain several occupations, to which more are being added through online sales and services. Among these occupations the role of store or shop retailer is distinct for its intense focus on the individual customer and consumer, their experience and satisfaction, and the repeat sales that may stem from this. To be successful, the retailer requires a blend of retailing knowledge, understanding and expertise to be at the service of important personal attributes, including insightfulness, verbal fluency, integrity and maturity.

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