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Registration Information

With EuroSkills 2020, Graz will be offering a fantastic event, attractive packages and plenty of variety. You’ll discover not only a great wealth of attractions, medieval buildings, alleyways and town squares, but also futuristic architecture and delightful cuisine as you explore Graz.

Please follow this link for your package booking:

Package Brochure
Registration Schedule


All packages prices will be reduced by 95,00 €. This amount remains the same whether single or double room package.
The discount on the packages will be subtracted from the final invoice of ES2020 packages.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Travel Information


Arrival of Technical Delegates and Chief Experts  – 3 January 2021
Arrival of Experts – 4 January 2021
Arrival of Competitors, Team Leaders and Official Observers – 5 January 2021
Departure of all groups – 11 January 2021


Citizens of EU member states, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland do not need a visa for entering the Republic of Austria. Nationals of other countries might require a visa in order to enter the Schengen Area or the Austrian territory. Please check the information on whether you require a visa or not on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The visa information gives an overview of the necessary steps to take when applying for a visa and the costs involved.

To support the visa application the EuroSkills 2020 GmbH will issue an Official Invitation Letter. To request an Official Invitation letter please contact the Member Support Team of EuroSkills 2020 via

Visa Information


The city of Graz and the surrounding Styrian regions offer a great variety of accommodation in various locations. Our priority was to accommodate our competitors and experts as close to the event venue as possible.
Each Member Country will receive a separate information of where they will be accommodated. Please note, that the hotel assignments will only be published after the final team registration (deadline 31 August 2020). Member Countries will receive their hotel assignments together with hotel fact sheets in September 2020.

Additional Nights
Additional Nights for Member Countries

EuroSkills 2020 does not hold any hotel contingents for additional groups such as supporters or other visitors. We are working with a number of incoming bureaus, which will gladly support guests with their bookings. Our incoming bureaus are happy to assist you in finding accommodation in the regions of Styria. They have contingents for groups and individual guests in different categories and regions.

We strongly recommend a prompt booking of your required accommodation.

Incoming Bureaus
List of Incoming Bureaus


Graz is a fascinating and beautiful city. It is a city with a lot to discover, to see and to experience – after all it is the second largest city in Austria, World Heritage Site, UNESCO City of Design and “Capital of Delight”. In addition, the attractions just outside the city are worth a visit. Countless sightseeing opportunities and outstanding scenic attractions are waiting to be discovered.

Touristic Program
Touristic Program Suggestions

For further information please visit:



A Competitor toolbox is any container holding the tools and/or equipment provided by the Competitor for the completion of the Test Project as documented in the Technical Description.
The toolbox may be shipped from the Member country and must be delivered to the Toolbox warehouse in advance.
We are pleased to announce that DHL Traide Fairs & Events GmbH has been appointed as the official freight forwarder and onsite handling contractor for EuroSkills 2020 in Graz. DHL offers all logistical services before, during and after the event as well as transportation to EuroSkills members and participants who need assistance in this area.

Shipping Guidlines
Packaging List
Shipping Label
Packaging List Non EU

Side Events

With EuroSkills 2020, Graz will be offering a fantastic event, attractive packages and plenty of variety. You’ll discover not only a great wealth of attractions, medieval buildings, alleyways and town squares, but also futuristic architecture and delightful cuisine as you explore Graz.

Side Events
Side Events Overview
“Future of Skills”
“Future of Skills” Conference Information



We are very pleased to announce that WorldSkills Europe Member Countries can now pre-order tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremony.

Both events will be held at Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum (Daviscuphalle) just south of Graz.

The ticket prices are as following:
Opening Ceremony: EUR 40,00 incl. 10% VAT
Closing Ceremony: EUR 50.00 incl. 10% VAT

Pre-orders of tickets are possible as of now. Pre ordered tickets are expressly confirmed tickets, which can be ordered only by WorldSkills Europe Member Countries participating in EuroSkills 2020.
To order tickets please follow the instructions given in the info sheet.
You will have to fill in and sign the member ticket order form and send the completed order form to by September 30th, 2020.

Opening & Closing Ceremony Ticket Order Process
Ticket Order Process

To get more information on ticket purchase, please contact

Media Registration

When EuroSkills 2020 is takes place in January, the whole world will be involved thanks to numerous media representatives from a wide range of countries. This will only be possible thanks to numerous media representatives from various countries, including of course the marketing and communications officers from the member countries. We kindly ask the MarkCom officers from the member countries to register as media representatives on time.

This guide will assist you in planning your trip to Graz to apply for media accreditation to cover the event. Every effort will be made to ensure media officers have all the appropriate facilities necessary to work at the event.

By sending the media registration form to you will recieve all information for the online registration system.
All media must apply for media accreditation through the online registration system.

Accreditation will be granted only to professional journalists and photographers, and to the marketing and communications managers from the member states and event sponsors.

EuroSkills 2020 Media Guide


Media Registration Form


Memeber Country Updates

The latest news and updates can be found right here.

July 2020
June 2020
April 2020



We will gladly answer any further questions you may have. Please send us an e-mail to We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

EuroSkills 2020 GmbH is a non-profit company with limited liability under Austrian law and is managed by the directors Angelika Ledineg and Harald del Negro. The President of the Styrian Economic Chamber, Josef Herk, is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and the Board also includes the Director of the Styrian Economic Chamber, Karl-Heinz Dernoscheg, and its Head of Finance, Anton Lampl. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Styrian Economic Chamber.


Yes, it is possible to register media for EuroSkills 2020. Accreditation will be granted only to professional journalists and photographers, and to the marketing and communications managers from the member states and event sponsors.
For further information please visit:

It is not necessary to register again.

Due to the change of circumstances, a discount of €95 per package will be applied.

The Organising Committee of EuroSkills Graz 2020 is working on deadlines that will guarantee that WSE Members can get a full refund in case of cancellation. A cancellation would therefore have no influence on the payment process. It is therefore recommended that the suggested payment process and deadlines are followed.

Hotel contracts for January should be finalised by the end of June, and this will allow the Organising Committee to put in place detailed cancellation and refund policies. It is unfortunately impossible to confirm any schedule at this point in time, but the Organising Committee is trying to get clarity as quickly as possible in view of the local circumstances. As in other parts of Europe, business in Graz have been closed and staff put on reduced hours and getting information in a timely manner has been an issue. The Organising Committee is bound by the rules set by the national and regional governments of Austria, and therefore an additional postponement is not a realistic option. If hosting EuroSkills in January is not possible, the event will unfortunately have to be cancelled. The Organising Committee is working closely with WSE to ensure that WSE Members can make informed decisions concerning the risks involved in case of cancellation, and is committed to work towards reducing financial loss for WSE Members who have booked and pre-paid packages for EuroSkills 2020.

There will be no changes to the media packages. Please note: an updated Media Guide (including information about the extended media registration deadline) is available on the website:

Travel Information

To accommodate the EuroSkills 2020 Competitors we are using a variety of 2* to 4*superior hotels in Graz and its surrounding area. Member Countries had the option to choose between three different packages. We have different contingents at around 25 to 30 different hotels and based on the package choice of the different Member Countries, as well as availability, Competitors and their Team Leaders were assigned to one of them.
We are making great efforts to make sure that the accommodation we assign to our Competitors best meets their needs. Also, all selected hotels will provide a good environment for all participants.
The hotel information will be shared with each Member Country in spring 2020. Please note, that the assignment is subject to change.
The hotel information will be shared with each Member Country in spring 2020. Please note, that the assignment is subject to change.

Guests, who booked an official package for EuroSkills 2020, have the option to add additional nights before their package check-in date or after their package check-out date.
Please note, that we cannot guarantee any additional nights. Every request has to be checked individually.
If you would like to book an additional night, please contact

In order to be able to consider this wish in the best possible way, we ask you to complete the registration by 31 August 2020 at the latest.

The prices and additional info on additional nights are available in the section “Travel Information” on this website. Additional nights can be booked via ES2020 until 21 September 2020.

The registration portal for C, TL, CE, DCE and E will close on 31 August 2020. Hotel allocation will then be finalised on 7 September 2020. Additional nights can be booked via ES2020 until 21 September 2020.

The registration portal for Observers and Media is open and will close on 7 November 2020. Hotel allocation will then be finalised on 16 November 2020.


The competitions will take place in the Messe Congress Graz exhibition center.

The statistical average and the distribution of marks across all the competitors within a skill in the CIS dictates the performance positioning of the competitors despite how easy or difficult the test project might be. The ability to train or not to train a competitor within a member country remains outside of the control of WSE regardless of the current circumstances. However, additional Health & Safe may need to be embedded into the skills if social distancing remains in place or additional PPE is required to be worn.

Most Technical Description outline the Test project distribution times which is normally stated in “C ± days/months“ notations (i.e. C-3 months). The date for distribution and key milestones are therefore the same but now uses the new EuroSkills Graz start date of 6 January 2021 as the baseline.

All forum issues have been resolved. Experts (including Chiefs- and Deputy Chiefs), Team Leaders, Technical Delegates (Assistants), Workshop Managers, Sector Managers now have access. If an Expert is having issues with entering the forum, please have them contact Jordy de Groot (

Competition with 5 competitors or teams can proceed but only one medal (the gold) will be issued. Competitions with less than 5 competitors or teams are subject to cancellation. They may proceed in some presentation form at the discretion of the host country, but they will not be official WSE skills competitions.

The information on all TDs is available on the WorldSkills Europe website. Please visit the Member Area → Downloads → Technical Descriptions.

Side Events

Currently there is no option to pre-book opening and closing ceremony tickets.
We gladly guarantee 20 tickets per Member Country for opening and closing ceremony. Further contingents will be announced in the coming weeks.

The safety of all competitors and all our guests during the competition and all side events remains the primary objective throughout EuroSkills 2020. The Organising Committee is in close contact with governmental authorities and is closely monitoring the situation. Any mandatory restrictions in place at the date of EuroSkills 2020 (maximum number of people allowed for indoor events, minimum distances, provision of disinfectants, etc.) will be followed and fully implemented at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Tickets for Opening/Closing Ceremony tickets can be ordered from 15 July via our ticket booking system. Member Support will keep WSE Members informed about contingencies and procedures for ordering tickets and provide additional information when booking lines open.

Medallions of Excellence will be included in the Closing Ceremony. They will not be called on stage, but a slide with the names of all the competitors who got a Medallion in each skill will be displayed when the result for the skill is announced.