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Visitor Information

EuroSkills 2020 will be THE event of the year – one of the largest, and most definitely one of the coolest. The European Skills Championships will be the platform where more than 650 young, qualified apprentices will do battle for one of the coveted medals in around 45 different skills and trades.

Visiting EuroSkills is of course free of charge, but definitely worthwhile.

The entire exhibition centre will simmer with excitement as the contests unfold. Visitors will be able to watch as young chefs conjure up culinary extravaganzas, welders make sparks fly – literally – and fashion experts give free rein to their creativity. On a site covering around 60,000 square meters, the best skilled workers from 30 nations will showcase their skills and let visitors watch them as they work.



Several 10,000 visitors are expected at EuroSkills 2020. A visit to the European Skills Championships is of course free of charge – but in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly for all guests, it is necessary to register via an online tool in advance. This only takes a few minutes and requires no personal data.

Visitor Registration
Visitor Registration


To offer an exciting stay for groups, it is nescessary for them to register online in advance. You can select the desired day and time slot and specify the number of students and accompanying persons or the number of participants. Accreditation with photo and personal information of the visitors is not necessary.

Group Registration
Group Registration

Visitor GUIDE

We are already looking forward to EuroSkills 2020. In order to make the stay as exciting as possible for the guests, we developed an event guide with all the important information about the event and the host city.

Visitor Guide
Visitor Guide


The city of Graz and the surrounding Styrian regions offer a great variety of accommodation in various locations tosuite all budgets. Our priority was to accommodate our competitors and experts as close to the event venue as possible. Therefore, the hotel contingents for groups in the city are already exhausted and only a limited number of rooms is left in the city itself.

The surrounding Styrian regions of Graz are in close proximity to the venue. Our incoming bureaus will gladly support you with your bookings. We strongly recommend a prompt booking of your required accommodation.

Individual travellers can use the online booking form.


  • Graz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH
    For many years, the incoming Office of Graz Tourismus has been known as the perfect contact for hotel bookings and for programme design in Graz and the Graz Region.

  • Incoming Bureau – Region Graz: H2 Hirner Touristik
    H2 Hirner Touristik has hotel contingents for groups from 7 to 30 people. They are specialized on the Region north of Graz (Bruck/Mur, Kapfenberg).
    Contact: Claudia Jaritz |

  • Incoming Bureau – Spa Country Styria / East Styria: Aktiv Urlaub Steiermark
    Aktiv Urlaub Steiermark is specialized on East Styria and the Spa Country Styria. They also have hotel contingents in Southern Styria and Slovenia (Maribor).
    Contact: Marc Fauster |

  • Incoming Bureau – Southern Styria, Schilcherland, Lipizzanerheimat: CDM Incoming
    Incoming specialist for southern and western Styria.
    Hotel contingents are available for small groups and groups.
    Contact: Claudia Dunst-Mösenlechner |

  • Incoming Bureau – Graz Region: Tourismusverband Leoben Incoming
    Tourismusverband Leoben is specialized on the region Leoben and Erzbergland. They have hotel contingents for individual travellers, small groups and bigger groups.
    Contact: Robert Herzog |

  • Incoming Bureau – Austria: Mondial Destination Management
    Mondial Incoming is specialized on all of Austria.
    We recommend this Incoming office for stays in the neighbouring states.
    Contact: Wolfgang Lackner |