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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about EuroSkills 2020. What are the vocational championships all about? Which organisation is responsible for it and how will EuroSkills 2020 be run?

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About EuroSkills

EuroSkills is the name of the European vocational skills championships which are held every two years in one of the 30 WorldSkills Europe member countries They are not apprentice championships!

EuroSkills2020 is the official title of the European vocational skills championships that are due to be staged in Graz, Austria, from 6th to 10th January 2021. The competitions and the closing ceremony will take place in the Messe Congress Graz exhibition centre, while the opening ceremony will be held in the Merkur ice arena.


  • 650 competitors

  • 30 member countries

  • about 45 skills and trades

  • 1.000 coaches

  • Up to 10.000 visitors

Over the course of three days, the competitors will demonstrate their skills and knowledge in working scenarios related to their professional domains. Experts will prepare assignments and evaluate the results. Visitors will be able to watch the competitors at work, gather information about the professional field they are interested in and get to know the companies the competitors are working for. A programme of fascinating seminars, conferences and other side events will be held in addition. On the final day, all assignments will be evaluated and the winners of the individual professional fields as well as the overall European champion will be announced during the awards ceremony.

4 – 5 January 2021: arrival of experts, delegates, teams; conferences; training sessions
6 January 2021: Opening day: conferences, training sessions, opening ceremony
7 – 9 January 2021: competitions, seminars, conferences and side events as part of the supporting programme
10 January 2021: closing ceremony with presentation of awards

The detailed programme will follow.

Participation in EuroSkills 2020 is open to persons born on or after 1st January 1995. Anyone over the age of 25 may not participate in the European vocational skills championships. The qualifying rounds for the Austrian candidates took place in autumn 2018 at the AustrianSkills competitions in Salzburg.
Demonstration Skills

A new Competition entering EuroSkills for the first time with the required number of Competitors registered at the close of the pre-registration stage is called a “Demonstration Skill”. These Competitions are however not simply a “demonstration” of the Skill but are a fully integrated and Official Competition, which forms part of the formal EuroSkills event.
Demonstration Skills are required to operate under the Competition rules and governance structure like all other Official Skills at EuroSkills. In their first year, however, they are allowed to operate with one less Competitor or team than those Competitions classified as Official Skills (OS).

Host Presentation Skills

The Competition Organising Committee may present other Skills in order to promote them. These are designated as Host Presentation Skills, and are not subject to Competition Rules and are not officially assessed. If the presentation takes the form of a competition then Medals, medallions and/or certificates of participation may be awarded at the discretion of the Competition Organising Committee. These awards cannot be WorldSkills Europe official medals, medallions, or certificates and the associated results will not be included in the WorldSkills Europe official awards lists. The Competition Organising Committee can invite other WSE Members to participate in these Presentation Skills.

EuroSkills 2020 GmbH is a non-profit company with limited liability under Austrian law and is managed by the directors Angelika Ledineg and Harald del Negro. The President of the Styrian Economic Chamber, Josef Herk, is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and the Board also includes the Director of the Styrian Economic Chamber, Karl-Heinz Dernoscheg, and its Head of Finance, Anton Lampl. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Styrian Economic Chamber.

The main task of the company EuroSkills 2020 GmbH is to stage the competitions in 2021 as efficiently and effectively as possible. As the organising body for the European vocational skills championships, the company is responsible for ensuring fair competition conditions. For this reason, it is also clearly separate from Skills Austria, which is the body responsible for setting up the Austrian national team (“Team Austria”). As organisers of EuroSkills 2020, the company is responsible for recruiting and training workshop managers, arranging side events, communication and advertising, finding sponsors and, of course, running the event itself in 2021.


  • Throw the spotlight on highly trained and skilled workforces
  • Provide an international showcase for companies
  • Allow comparison of education systems

The competitors in EuroSkills 2020 will derive the greatest benefit from the intensive training they undergo during the preparations for the competitions. This enables them to perfect their skills and gather valuable experience that they can put to use later in their professional life. The candidates can also benefit from exchanging ideas with participants from 30 European countries, which enables them not only to learn from each other, but also to build up an international network of colleagues and experts.

EuroSkills 2020 offers sponsors the opportunity to benefit from international and national presence and PR. Various packages ranging in size are available and comprise a varied mix of communication, presentation and advertising. In addition, the four-day event in 2021 will provide the perfect opportunity for sponsors to establish valuable contacts with other companies in their industry at national and international level.

The top three competitors in each skill or trade will be awarded a medal (gold, silver, bronze). The competitor with the highest score overall will also win the “Best of Europe” award.
Candidates who achieve a score of more than 700 points (out of a possible 800) but do not qualify for a medal will receive the “Medaillon for Excellence” diploma.
For the EuroSkills 2020 event, some 65 volunteers were recruited to ensure the smooth running of the competitions. One or two managers are needed for each category of skill/profession. They will be responsible for organising and setting up the workshops and will receive extensive training and preparation in these areas. During the European Skills Championships 2020 in Graz they will then be responsible for correctly setting up their assigned working areas and ensuring that the competitions run smoothly.
A mega event on a European scale cannot be staged without the support of many willing helpers. This is why about 600 volunteer helpers are sought, who are willing to do all they can to make the competitions a success. They will be important representatives during the event, ensure that the event on site is organised in a professional manner and play a key role in shaping the impression made on national and international guests alike. Thanks to the volunteers it will be possible to host up to 10,000 visitors, about 650 competitors from 30 nations and approximately 100 sponsors.

About the organisations

Austria has been the most successful nation at EuroSkills. The Austrian team is supported and coached by Skills Austria (headquartered in Vienna). For all enquiries concerning participation in national and international contests please contact Skills Austria.

SUCCESSES (since 2008)

  • 199 Austrian competitors
  • 111 Austrian medals
    (96 in individual events and 15 in team events)
  • 33 Austrian “Medallion for Excellence” achievement diplomas

WorldSkills Europe is the European umbrella organisation. It is the body that grants the licence to host vocational skills championships and was founded as a member organisation in 2007. Its members are the authorised national qualification organisations (in Austria, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce) from all EU and EFTA member states and from other candidate countries. The main goal of WorldSkills Europe (WSE) is to promote the highest standards in the field of vocational qualifications, vocational education and on skills and craftsmanship, with a clear focus on young people. WorldSkills Europe supports the EU policy of lifelong learning and is dedicated to boosting the attractiveness and value of high-quality vocational education across Europe. WorldSkills Europe currently has 30 member countries.
EuroSkills is the main event for implementing these goals. EuroSkills has been developed in collaboration with the WSE members. All European countries are entitled to join WSE; membership is compulsory for participating in the EuroSkills competitions.

WordSkills International is the name of the international vocational skills championships. Austria has been sending teams to these world championships for many years now and indeed hosted the event in 1983, with the town of Linz as the venue.
WorldSkills is an international vocational skills contest staged every two years. WorldSkills International, a non-profit organization founded in 1953 and with its General Secretariat in the Netherlands, is the body responsible for the vocational skills championships.
WorldSkills’ mission is the ongoing revaluation of the image of skills and trades, industrial and service occupations and of vocational education worldwide – in an innovative manner. WorldSkills currently has almost 83 member nations.
The main focus of the vocational skills championships is the international competition. It gives young people up to 23 years of age from all over the word the opportunity to showcase their professional skills in about 45 disciplines on an international stage.