Glass Construction Technology Competitors count on Bohle’s expertise

Glass Construction Technology Competitors count on Bohle’s expertise

Another sponsor is joining EuroSkills 2020: the company Bohle is now extending its professional support to the glass construction competitors. And this support from the family business founded in 1923 is all the more valuable, since glass construction technology will be a EuroSkills discipline for the first time in 2020. Thanks to the sponsorship, next year’s competitors will be using equipment from Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of consumables, equipment and machinery for glass processing.

Franz Schreibmaier, Managing Director of Bohle Austria, is especially pleased. “We have been committed to promoting young people and their training in vocational schools for decades. We also regularly sponsor various apprenticeship competitions”, says Schreibmaier. He also confirmed that it was the success of the competitors at AustrianSkills 2018 that helped glass construction to become one of the EuroSkills 2020 disciplines. “Now the journey continues: we definitely do not want to miss this unique opportunity to see the skill of glass construction take its place as part of EuroSkills 2020 in Graz”, says Schreibmaier. “If anyone asks me whether the effort is worthwhile, my answer is a resounding ‘yes’. You cannot measure a sponsorship outcome in figures, but the potential for customer loyalty is enormous because, in the long term, these talented young people will be our potential customers. And even more valuable are the fantastic memories and lasting friendships that the event will generate!”

We would like to thank Bohle Austria once again for their commitment and their support for the glass construction competitors and look forward to working with them in the run-up to the event next year.

Glass Construction Technology will be carried out for the first time as a Competition in a EuroSkills Contest in 2020. Foto © Foto Neumayr.

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