Hightech for the Skill Mechanical Engineering – CAD

Hightech for the Skill  Mechanical Engineering – CAD 

One of our newest Bronze sponsors is Shining 3D, a company specialised on 3D digitising and additive manufacturing technologies. The Chinese company is strongly supporting the Mechanical Engineering – CAD skill category at EuroSkills 2020 with its products.


SHINING 3D, founded in 2004, has been dedicated to the development of 3D digitising and 3D printing technologies for over 15 years, providing solutions covering “3D digitising – intelligent design – additive manufacturing”. With over 300 patents and more than 100 copyrights, the company is well-positioned in the market as well as owning and operating subsidiaries in Stuttgart, Germany, and San Francisco in the US.

Supporting EuroSkills 2020 and especially the Mechanical Engineering – CAD skill also means raising brand awareness and bringing their products closer to young people, as Rebecca Khoo, Product Manager of EinScan Products at SHINING 3D, explains: “We always put our efforts into supporting education in order to promote the skills of the next generation with the latest technology in the market. We are proud to be a sponsor of EuroSkills 2020. 3D scanning is an essential tool for reverse engineering. The young competitors can get the chance to experience the new technology and understand how it can help them to tackle their professional challenges of tomorrow. EuroSkills is also a great opportunity for us to build brand awareness and to discover potentials in the professional education market.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Shining 3D once more for their valued support. We are Skills!

Shining 3D is strongly supporting the Skill Mechanical Engineering – CAD  as Bronze Sponsor. Photo: courtesy of WorldSkills International.

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