New support for the Chemical Laboratory Technician skill

New support for the Chemical Laboratory Technician skill

A new supplier, the Fresenius Kabi healthcare group, has recently pledged its support for EuroSkills 2020. The company is supporting the Chemical Laboratory Technician skill.

Their daily work includes carrying out chemical, physiochemical and biochemical analyses and tests on a wide range of substances. Using partly computer-controlled laboratory equipment and microscopes, they analyse chemicals, living organisms (cells), intermediate and end products (e.g. synthetics, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.) for certain properties. The EuroSkills 2020 competitors will be supported by the new EuroSkills 2020 supplier Fresenius Kabi Austria, which is providing various working materials such as pipettes, as well as measuring vessels and vials made of glass.

Ruth Staubmann, plant manager of Fresenius Kabi Austria in Graz, explains: “It is truly amazing to see how young people find their passion, gain experience and develop into skilled workers. We are delighted to help them on their way as part of our Fresenius Kabi apprenticeship training. This fits in neatly with our ‘Caring for life’ philosophy. The European Skills Championships will cast the spotlight on these young people and their trades and skills. Highly qualified staff are our formula for the future, and this is why we are supporting EuroSkills 2020 in Graz.”

Fresenius Kabi Austria is training 30 of its own apprentices at two sites in Austria. The apprentices can choose to train in one of seven different skills or trades, and in doing so they are not only able to expand their technical expertise in chemistry, pharmaceutical production and process development, but are also encouraged to improve their “soft” skills such as communication, self-development and teamworking.

EuroSkills 2020 would like to thank Fresenius Kabi once again for its fabulous support. We are Skills!

The Skill Chemistry Laboratory Technician at EuroSkills 2020 is supported by Fresenius Kabi with various working materials such as pipettes or glass measuring containers. Photo: Fresenius Kabi Austria.

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