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A Europe-wide mega event such as EuroSkills 2020 can only succeed with the dedicated support of a great many people. And wouldn’t it feel great to be part of such an event? EuroSkills 2020 offers so many different ways to get involved – for companies, organisations, associations, media and private individuals alike.

Whether you’re a partner, promotor, sponsor or volunteer: this event is a win for everybody. Partners and sponsors will benefit from the event’s ideal image transfer and be able to enjoy opportunities such as major-league networking at European level.

Success is always a team effort. That’s why we regard partnerships as a form of cooperation in which performance and reward are finely balanced. A large number of services and packages have been put together, which take into account our partners’ different budgets and requirements yet can still be used as a framework for tailoring individual packages. Our overriding goal is to achieve fair and mutually advantageous cooperation.


EuroSkills 2020 will not only be the top event of the year 2020, it will also be one of the biggest events on the calendar in Graz. Expect dimensions of a massive scale – because this is what is coming our way, from the contests on site, the side events organised with Styrian companies and major international and national media interest in the European Championship of Skills. An enormous input of help from many sources – including support from our businesses – is now essential if we are to master this challenge and to live up to Austria’s reputation as one of the truly great event organisers.

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There are many different ways for you to support EuroSkills 2020 and become part of WE ARE SKILLS, even at this early stage of the preparations. Partnership with various organisations is high on our agenda, because it gives us an excellent opportunity to pool our many strengths, make use of shared networks and set up an exciting programme of first-rate activities alongside the competitions.

Whether for individuals, interest groups, associations, schools, governments or other entities, there are many different ways to get involved in a partnership, for example as a strategic partner, supporting partner, event partner and many more.

We look forward to working with you:


Media partners

In 2020, EuroSkills 2020 will be one of the biggest events to take place in the City of Graz. Some 10,000 visitors are expected to attend the opening ceremony, the competitions and the brilliant closing ceremony. The national and international media interest in the European vocational skills championship is massive. Anyone who cannot attend the event in person can look forward to extensive and exciting news coverage.

As the host country of EuroSkills 2020, Austria will be under the spotlight in Europe from now until 2020. Our media partners are playing a key role in sharing the “We are Skills” message with all of Austria – and all over the world. Together, we will be developing cooperation packages for excellent news coverage tailored to your medium.

Media partners will gain many benefits from a cooperation with EuroSkills 2020:

  • Exclusive news coverage

  • Strengthening of the brand and image transfer

  • Strengthening of the brand especially within the target group (14-30 years)

  • Extensive content, exclusive topics and interview subjects

  • Access to companies, sponsors, partners, experts and partner companies

  • On-site advertising

  • … and much more

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An event of the size of EuroSkills 2020 can only be organised with the help of some 600 volunteers. They are important “ambassadors” of the event and will make sure that the event runs smoothly and is professionally organised. They are the faces of the event and shape the impression our national and international guests will have. They will be the liaison officers and points of contact for some 10,000 visitors, 650 contestants from 30 nations and about 100 sponsors. While the event profits from their enthusiasm, the volunteers will also benefit from being part of the EuroSkills 2020 family for one intensely exciting and emotional week. They will gather important practical experience, get to know new jobs, they will be part of an international network where valuable contacts can be established and they can look behind the scenes of a great international event.

Who can become a volunteer?

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