EuroSkills 2020 is accompanied by a first-class, well-staffed specialist program. Various regional, national and European event formats – conferences, meetings and lectures – will highlight the core topic “FUTURE OF SKILLS” from different perspectives.

Try a Skill

With EuroSkills 2020, in addition to a spectacular European Skills Championship, one of the country’s largest career information fairs will also be staged. The measure “Try a Skill” offers the opportunity to try out certain professions for yourself and thus to immerse yourself in the events at close quarters.

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EuroSkills 2020 Conference

On the first day of the competition the official EuroSkills 2020 CONFERENCE will take place as a congress of European format. The EuroSkills 2020 CONFERENCE is a unique platform for bi- and multilateral networking, mutual exchange and knowledge transfer on the topic “FUTURE OF SKILLS” on a European level.

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Partner program

Organisations and institutions from the education sector contribute their expertise and specialist know-how to the EuroSkills 2020 programme with their guest programmes and highlight current topics on “FUTURE OF SKILLS” in their specialist events.

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So-called “spotlights” will be installed for the six professional groups. These regularly present a wide variety of topics during the event: new technologies, new training opportunities, attractive job profiles, trends such as digitisation, heroes of the economy and much more.

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