Spiral & EuroSkills – a strong partnership

Spiral & EuroSkills a strong partnership

Everything and more ” – this is the slogan used by the family business Spiral to describe its support, as a supplier, for the international young, skilled workers at EuroSkills 2020.

Spiral Reihs & Co.KG is one of the largest tool merchants in the German-speaking area, and has been synonymous with innovation, economic success and high customer satisfaction for more than 60 years. As the directors of the family business, Helmuth Reihs and his daughter Julia Vestner attach great importance to traditional values – while keeping the future firmly in their sights. For instance, Spiral opened a new business location this year that boasts state-of-the-art and timely logistics solutions and also offers a wide range of repairs and safety audits in its in-house workshop. It is this interest in the major innovative topics of the future that unites Spiral Reihs & Co.KG and EuroSkills. The tool merchant holds in high regard the great expertise shown by EuroSkills in organising this event:

“Young, talented workers must be systematically prepared for challenging tasks to enable them to take on responsible roles as managers and decision-makers”, says Christian Fink, member of Spiral’s management board. The Austrian company sees EuroSkills as a “springboard to economic success” – not only with regard to supporting young people but also in digital transformation, e-commerce and innovative manufacturing technologies. “We enjoy inspiring one another and looking for ways to intensify our cooperation”, they say with reference to working in partnership with EuroSkills.

EuroSkills 2020 would like to thank Spiral for its fabulous support. We are Skills!

Photos Gallery: Photo 1 Spiral Reihs & Co. KG; Photo 2 (Photo: courtesy of WorldSkills International); Photo 3 Marija Kanizaj.

In the welding skill, the long-established Austrian company Spiral Reihs & Co. KG is a new supplier to support the next generation of skilled workers. (Photo: Marija Kanizaj)

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