Support guaranteed for competitors in the Floristry skill

Support guaranteed for competitors in the Floristry Skill

A sponsor with a great deal of “Skills experience”  is enhancing EuroSkills 2020. Just like at previous EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions, the international company Smithers-Oasis will be providing various working materials for the young floristry experts.

The US-based company Smithers-Oasis revolutionised floristry with an invention it made in 1954. It launched the first water-absorbent floral foam, which noticeably extended the lifetime of floral arrangements and opened up completely new opportunities for florists. Today, Smithers-Oasis Germany not only supplies the European market with floral foam and various other products for increasing the vase life of cut flowers, but also invests heavily in young, skilled workers as a sponsor for various floristry championships. At EuroSkills, the company will support the competitors in the floristry skill by supplying the working materials they need.

Markus Schütze, one of the managing directors of Smithers-Oasis Germany, explains why the company is stepping forward as a sponsor for EuroSkills: “Since 1963, Smithers-Oasis Germany has been the regional manufacturer of the well-known OASIS® brand of floral foam for cut flowers. As part of the globally active company Smithers-Oasis, the inventor of floral foam, we are firmly convinced that we add value to flowers with our products, enabling people to express or experience deep emotions.From our point of view, this requires close contact and interaction between Smithers-Oasis and florists, and particularly those young people who are about to become florists.

The specialised education and training of florists, and products geared towards their needs thus go hand in hand. Professional products and education build the foundations that enable consumers to express their emotions through beautiful floral arrangements that have been crafted by professionals to the highest creative standards. This is precisely why we are supporting this competition. ‘We set the base – you create the emotions …OASIS® Floral Products… for life’s important moments.'”

EuroSkills would once again like to extend a big thank you to Smither-Oasis for its fabulous support. We are Skills!

Photos Gallery: Photo 1 (Smithers-Oasis); Photo 2 (Smithers-Oasis); Photo 3 (Doris Heinrich Floral Designer Lisa Maria Thalmayr).

Floral foam and co. for the participants in Skill Floristry come from the long-standing “Skills Supporter”, the company Smithers-Oasis. Photo (c): Smithers-Oasis/Der Blütenwald.

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