Technological boost for the CNC Milling and Drilling skills category

Technological boost for the CNC Milling and Drilling skills category

Welcome on board, Paul Horn GmbH The German company, which has been producing quality tools for various applications since 1969, is now officially a silver sponsor of EuroSkills 2020. As a leading tool manufacturer, the company’s production programme includes some 25,000 standard tools and more than 150,000 special solutions for turning, milling and drilling – in other words, practically everything a customer might need when it comes to cutting tools.

The competitors in the CNC Milling and Drilling skill category will therefore be particularly pleased as they look forward to receiving support from our new sponsor in the form of tools and materials. Press spokesman for Paul Horn GmbH, Christian Thiele, explains why Horn is standing up for young, skilled workers and the EuroSkills 2020 event: “We at Horn firmly believe that our sponsorship activities for EuroSkills 2020 will help encourage young people to think about skills and trades and the opportunities available in our industry, and inspire them to look into it further. The event demonstrates that careers in this industry can be challenging and interesting, and also extremely varied.”
We would like to thank Paul Horn GmbH once again for their generous support, their contribution and their commitment to the young skilled workers, and look forward to working with them in the run-up to the event in September 2020.

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Hard turning with the cutting material CBN. The sparks are generated by dissipating the heat over the chip.

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