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EuroSkills 2020 is not only one of the biggest, but definitely also one of the most awesome events to be staged in Graz in 2020. The European Skills Championships will be the platform where more than 650 young, qualified apprentices will do battle for one of the coveted medals in around 45 different skills and trades. The competitors are either qualified apprentices or graduates from vocational secondary schools, all under 26 years of age. From the 16th to the 20th of September, the entire exhibition centre will simmer with excitement as the contests unfold. Visitors will be able to watch as young chefs conjure up culinary extravaganzas, welders make sparks fly – literally – and fashion experts give free rein to their creativity. The best skilled workers from 30 nations will showcase their skills and let visitors watch them as they work – free of charge, but very worthwhile.
And, best of all: all visitors, regardless of their age, can try their hand at the skills and trades right there at the competition venue. At the Try-a-Skill stations, visitors will be able to paint walls, repair engines and even control robots. This will provide young visitors with the unique opportunity to put their talent to the test in the special atmosphere of a European Skills Championships event, and discover new career paths for themselves.

Spotlight areas will also be installed for each of the six categories of skilled trades, where many different topics will be presented during the event: new technologies, new training opportunities, appealing career opportunities, trends such as digitalisation, “business heroes” and much more from the world of skills and trades. Former world and European champions from the EuroSkills 2020 Heroes team will also be on hand to answer any questions the interested young audience members may have and explain their trades in more detail. What’s more, local companies will also be invited to share job opportunities in their field and make firm offers to interested job seekers.


  • Career guidance

  • extensive review of own talents, strengths and associated opportunities. Getting to know a wide selection of trades and skills

  • motivation for creative skills and trades

  • motivation for new technical skills and trades

  • evaluation of career prospects

  • evaluation of shortage occupations

  • presentation of occupational developments / changes

  • integration of Austrian companies into the programme and support for recruitment

  • highlighting of career opportunities and motivation for young apprentices

  • School students from grades 5 to 9

  • high-school graduates

  • students at vocational (secondary) schools

  • teachers

  • lecturers

  • parents