VCOM supports the Electronics skill category

VCOM supports the Electronics skill category


Another company has recently joined the ranks of the EuroSkills 2020 sponsors. The Chinese company VCOM is lending its support, in particular for the skill of Electronics.

The Chinese company VCOM is known especially for its products in the 3C market (Computing, Communication and Consumer electronics): From computer equipment to cabling and electronics equipment, the company has been manufacturing countless products for the information and communications industry since 1994. At EuroSkills 2020, these products will come into their own in the Electronics skill, where the competitors will use cables, pliers, tweezers, insulating tape and many other materials from VCOM to demonstrate their skills in the three-day contest.

Cathy Wang of VCOM explains why the company is supporting EuroSkills 2020 in Graz: “EuroSkills brings together 30 countries to compete in a spirit of excellence. Through this event, VCOM opens up a window to let more vocational colleges in China get to know the high level of performance at EuroSkills and explore the possibility of developing skills and cooperations between Europe and China. VCOM hopes to build a bridge between European and Chinese universities and colleges, and to play a major role in construction, faculty training, teaching resource development, technical discussion, academic forum exchange and related activities.”

EuroSkills 2020 would like to thank VCOM for their valued support. We are Skills!

The Skill Electronics Prototyping is getting supported with various materials from the chinese company VCOM. Photo: courtesy of WorldSkills International.

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