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Here you can find all the important information about your work at EuroSkills 2020, dates for our volunteer hotspots and the most important news.


An event of the size of EuroSkills 2020 can only be organised with the help of some 600 volunteers. They are important “ambassadors” of the event and will make sure that the event runs smoothly and is professionally organised. They are the faces of the event and shape the impression our national and international guests will have. They will be the liaison officers and points of contact for some 10,000 visitors, 650 contestants from 30 nations and about 100 sponsors. While the event profits from their enthusiasm, the volunteers will also benefit from being part of the EuroSkills 2020 family for one intensely exciting and emotional week. They will gather important practical experience, get to know new jobs, they will be part of an international network where valuable contacts can be established and they can look behind the scenes of a great international event.

Unfortunately, our International Volunteer Team is already fixed, and we can’t cover any more accommodation or flight expenses. However, we are still happy to take applications from international volunteers for EuroSkills 2020.

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Who and What


Everybody is welcome to support EuroSkills 2020.

We are looking for volunteers with the following profile:

  • minimum age 15 years

  • friendly, helpful and committed

  • good command of English

  • knowledge of another foreign language in addition to English an advantage
  • availability for the entire set-up period and throughout the event itself, or for shorter periods

    (depending on area of work)


Helping at EuroSkills 2020 is voluntary and counts as a mandatory internship.

You will also benefit from:

  • accomodation provided by the organizer

  • extensive trainee programmes
  • outfits provided by our partner
  • lunches during the work days
  • insurance cover while at work
  • a certificate confirming your voluntary service
  • close contact with contestants, guests and other supporters
  • the enriching experience of being part of a magnificent and exciting event.

Working Areas

At an event of this size, there is also a lot to do in the back office. For example, the team works together with the suppliers during the set-up period and organizes the delivery notes.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Collect delivery notes
– Process delivery notes, pre-sort them and enter them in Excel lists
– Supply the team with materials (folders etc)

Job profile:

– Office skills
– Logical thinking
– Independent work & good organization
– Responsible

Location: Messe Congress Graz

Availability: in progress

During the event there will be different zones on the event site (e.g. media center, competition area or different lounges).

The accreditation (= badge) will show which group of people has access to the zones and which doesn’t. These groups include e.g. volunteers, officials, WorldSkills Europe, media, sponsors and many more.

For this reason, each individual must be in possession of a valid badge, which will be issued in the Accreditation Centre directly on the event site. Around 5,000 accreditations must therefore be issued and given to the right people.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Working with the accreditation system
– Printing, issuing and modifying of accreditations
– Support the security for access control

Job profile:

– Good knowledge of English, other foreign languages are an advantage
– Good computer skills (Microsoft Office)
– Independent work & good organization
– Assertiveness

Location: Messe Congress Graz

Availability: in progress

Participants from 30 countries will travel to Graz for EuroSkills 2020 and you will be at their support and will help them wherever necessary. You will work closely with the Team Leader of the Member Country and support them during their stay. Each volunteer attaché is assigned to one particular Member Country.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Operational and administrative support in relation to:
– Communications
– Procedures
– Planning
– Troubleshooting
– Communication link between the EuroSkills 2020 Team and the Team Leaders of the Member Country

Job profile:

– At least 18 years old
– Fluent English (B2) and ideally the primary or secondary language of the member country
– Multicultural understanding
– Strong communication skills
– Flexible

Location: flexible

Availability: in progress

Such a mega-event needs a lot of support in the run-up, in order to transform around 60,000-event-m2 into the “EuroSkills”-areas. In close cooperation with the logistics and the competition team, the e.g. Skill areas are set up and equipped.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Sorting, distributing material and assembling/dismantling of the equipment and technology
– Possibly: lifting of heavy material
– Branding support

Job profile:

– Precise work
– Logical thinking
– Physical commitment
– In demand: Specialist knowledge

Location: Messe Congress Graz

Availability: in progress

* Tools and safety clothing are provided by EuroSkills 2020 GmbH.

The core of EuroSkills 2020 are the approximately 45 competitions, which will be held over all three competition days in the Messe Congress Graz. A particularly large number of volunteers are needed in this area.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Support the workshop managers directly in the Skill areas (the exact tasks vary depending on the Skill)
– Possibly: support during assembly and dismantling

Job profile:

– Skill specific know-how is an advantage
– Confident appearance

Messe Congress Graz

in progress

The custom-built software (by WorldSkills International) manages all aspects of the marking and results of each skill competition. It is used to create or import marking schemes, generate marking sheets, and record or calculate marks for each Competitor. It ensures that these marks accord with pre-defined rules for each competition. It calculates all results for every competition and lists all medal winners, and can also generate overall results for each Member. There are also many reporting and analysis tools available.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Entering the evaluations into the system

Job profile:

– At least 18 years’ old
– Basic computer knowledge
– Careful and precise work
– Reliable

Messe Congress Graz

in progress

Various guests from all over the world will visit EuroSkills 2020. These include the participating countries, honoured guests, the WorldSkills Europe Team and all national and international event visitors.

The volunteers are the first point of contact for all these guests and are therefore of crucial importance for the smooth running of the event. They welcome guests at airports, hotels or at the event location, inform them about all the latest news and take care of their questions and wishes.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Passing on information and contact point for questions
– WelcomeDesk at the airport
– InfoDesk at the Hotels
– InfoDesk at the Messe Congress Graz (event venue)
– Operational & administrative assistance to the Member Support Team
– Support of the Printing Station
– Implementation of Competition Tours
– Support of honoured guests and partners

Job profile:

– Good knowledge of English
– Friendly
– Reliable
– Independent
– Problem-solving oriented
– Talent for improvisation
– Knowledge of Graz is an advantage

Location: Assigned hotel, Messe Congress Graz, Graz Airport

Availability: in progress

Group leaders are appointed for all areas of application. This volunteer leads and coordinates a team of volunteers and is the interface between the EuroSkills 2020 Team and the volunteers of the assigned sub-area.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Coordination of Volunteers
– Passing on information to the volunteers
– Independent decision making
– Assistance in the area, if help is needed

Job profile:

– Responsible
– Coordinated working
– Good organization
– Strong communication skills
– Assertiveness
– Flexible


see respective field of application

The logistics team is responsible for the logistical handling and transport of materials from the external warehouse to the event site.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Help with the material logistics
– Support with material handling
– Support during the assembly/dismantling
– Possibly: lifting of heavy material

Job profile:

– Interest in logistics and its processes
– Quick perception
– Stress resistance
– Driving license advantageous
– Forklift license advantageous

Location: Messe Congress Graz, external warehouse

in progress

When EuroSkills 2020 takes place in Graz, all Europe will obviously need to be informed. Volunteers will help producing content for social media channels and help with creating press releases. They also look after media representatives from around the world and are responsible for distributing the latest information to journalists. The volunteers thus make an enormous contribution to Europe-wide reporting.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Support with organizational tasks
– Contact person for journalists
– Support with social media reporting
– Support with content creation (e.g. blogs, press releases)
– Creation of graphics for communication and input of content

Job profile:

– Good knowledge of German and English
– Other foreign languages an advantage
– Communicative
– Precise working
– Creative
– Experience in the field of content management
– Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud

Location: Messe Congress Graz

in progress

EuroSkills 2020 consists not only of the competitions, but also of a brilliant opening ceremony and an emotional closing ceremony. Further events such as Sponsor Events or the Gala Evening round off the program. Volunteers help to ensure that the events run smoothly and get the opportunity to meet VIPs and network.

The aim is to create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and to offer unforgettable experiences.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Help in the backstage area
– Assistance in the implementation of the schedule
– Support of the “Future of Skills” – Conference and Speaker
– Seat coordination
– Welcoming of the invited guests
– Preparation and control of the medals
– Possibly: accompanying the winners to the different shootings/interview areas
– Possibly: distribution of merchandise articles to the visitors
– Possibly: support of the catering

Job profile:

– Good knowledge of English
– Other foreign languages are an advantage
– Reliable
– Confident appearance
– Assertiveness
– Experience in dealing with event technology and technicians is an advantage

Messe Congress Graz, external event locations within Graz

Availability: in progress

EuroSkills 2020 is supported by many sponsors and partners who will visit us directly at the event and/or use a presentation area.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Operational & administrative assistance of the Sponsorship & Sales Team
– Coordinate the Sponsor & Partner InfoDesk
– Contact for questions
– Checking the presentation and branding areas

Location: Messe Congress Graz

Availability: in progress

The classic transfer & shuttle is outsourced. Nevertheless, some tasks have to be done with an automobile*.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Exclusive transfer of the EuroSkills 2020 Team
– Various purchasing activities
– Bus stop support before the event site
– Possibly: bus escort
– Possibly: parking instruction

Job profile:

– Driving license (for at least two years)
– Good organization
– knowledge of Graz is an advantage

Location: flexible

Availability: in progress

* The automobile is provided by EuroSkills 2020 GmbH.

In addition to the competition area, each Skill will also be provided with an interactive area where young visitors can try out the profession for themselves. This aims is to provide a practical insight into the professions.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Support the assembly and dismantling of the “Try a Skill” stations
– Assistance in the “Try a Skill” area
– Taking care of young visitors

Job profile:

– Skill know-how is an advantage
– Friendly
– Ready to help
– Communicative

Location: Messe Congress Graz

Availability: in progress

With around 600 people, the group of volunteers is one of the largest groups at EuroSkills 2020 and it is exactly the well-being of all these 600 volunteers that you will be looking after.

Your tasks as a volunteer:

– Support of the Volunteer Center
– Help where help is needed
– Convince yourself of the well-being of the volunteers

Job profile:

– Good knowledge of English (we also have some international volunteers)
– Communicative
– Caring
– Responsible

Location: Messe Congress Graz

Availability: in progress



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Here you will find all the answers to your questions about volunteering at EuroSkills 2020.

Event Rescheduling

Of course we know that the event rescheduling means a rearrangement and new challenges for all of us. Therefore, we fully understand if you have to think about the new situation. Just let us know at volunteers@euroskills2020.at if anything changes for you.

In addition, you can access your profile at any time with your personal link and change your potential operation time.

We are very pleased that you can still support us as a volunteer! You do not need to re-apply, your data will be automatically adjusted to the new event date. Please check your profile and adapt it if necessary.

We are currently in the process of updating all data and adapting them to the new event date. As soon as these dates are fixed, you will find them as usual on our volunteer page under working areas.

No. The orientation event for volunteers will also be rescheduled. As soon as a new date is fixed, you will find it on our volunteer page as usual.

If you have applied as a school class for EuroSkills 2020, please discuss the new date with your class teacher. The school campaign will remain for the new date.

General Information

If we haven’t covered your question yet, please contact: volunteers@euroskills2020.at

Until your training session, please contact: volunteers@euroskills2020.at
During your training session, you will receive the contact details of your Group Leader.

Depending on the field of operation, the start and end of your volunteer shifts will vary (see working areas). You will get your exact shift plan after your training session.

Please let us know as precisely as possible, from when to when you can be available. The sooner we know your limitations, the sooner we can find a good solution for everyone.

The place of work varies depending on your assigned working area and usually takes place directly at the Messe Congress Graz. Some volunteers, however, work directly at the airport or in different hotels. You will find the exact location in the description of each working area.
The Volunteer Center is the meeting point and relax or lounge area for all volunteers directly at the event location (Messe Congress Graz). Volunteers can hand in their jackets and bags or lock up their valuables there before their shift starts. In addition, there will always be enough snacks and drinks available at the Volunteer Center.

You will need: your accreditation, an official photo ID (to travel by public transport), your volunteer documents (that you have received from your Group Leader), mobile phone, your volunteer outfit & comfortable shoes.

Yes. If you are in a position where you are going to make a lot of calls, we will provide you with a mobile phone or at least a SIM card.

Yes. There will be an opportunity to leave your jacket/bag in the cloakroom at the volunteer center. Still we would recommend, not bringing any valuable items to your shift.

Snacks and drinks will be available round the clock for all volunteers at the volunteer center. Additionally, you will get a meal at the event area during your break. If you are working outside the venue area, you will also get a meal there during your break, e.g. at the hotel or at least a lunch package.

Unfortunately, we cannot give everyone the opportunity to participate in the ceremonies, but we will try to give as many volunteers as possible the chance to attend at least one of the two.


To become a volunteer you must be at least 15 years old at the start of your assignment and as EuroSkills 2020 is an international event, you should be able to communicate in English. Additional language skills are an advantage, but not a must. Please also make sure that you are available at the time of your assignment and that you meet the specific requirements of each assignment.
Conditionally yes. By sending your application, you have confirmed your acceptance for your specified potential operation start and end. However, we reserve the right to reject you if you do not meet certain obligations and/or requirements. For example, one obligation is to appear at the orientation and training events (with the exception of early apologies and international volunteers). If you do not receive a rejection (possible until after the last training event) via e-mail from us, we will be happy to have you join our volunteer team.
No. Our International Volunteer Team is already full and we can no longer provide accommodation. If you still want to become part of the International Volunteer Team and are willing to organize and pay for your own accommodation, please contact: volunteers@euroskills2020.at However, we reserve the right to reject you if you do not meet certain obligations and/or requirements.
Of course! Volunteers can be anyone aged 15 or over, provided they meet the requirements. We encourage people of different ages, experience and backgrounds to apply. And that’s why we encourage retired people to become part of EuroSkills 2020 because of their time availability and their broad professional and life experience.

If there is an error in the registration program, please contact us at: volunteers@euroskills2020.at
We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

As we are a major international event, we have to charge an international photo ID per registration.
If you do not have a valid passport at the time of registration, you can also upload another international photo ID (e.g. identity card), or temporarily deposit your expired passport and submit the extended passport as soon as possible.

After your registration you should have received a confirmation e-mail with a link. You can use this link to access your profile again. If this does not work, please contact us at: volunteers@euroskills2020.at

Volunteer Hotspot

The volunteer hotspot should be an informal way to get to know each other and to answer your questions directly.

The volunteer hotspot takes place every first Monday of the month. The exact place and time is always announced in the newsletter of the previous month or on our homepage.

There is no obligation to be present, but we would be pleased to see you at one or the other meeting.

It is open to all people, including those who have not yet registered as volunteers and just want to get informed.

Activities and Working Areas

Depending on your area of work, there are a variety of different tasks. You can get an approximate idea of your tasks directly at each working area.
Yes, in the registration form you can indicate your “preferred operational area” in which you would like to work as a volunteer. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for us to actually place you there. Before you register, please find out which tasks and requirements are associated with the respective area of work. In addition, you have the possibility to enter other exciting areas of work under “other comments”. However, we reserve the right to assign you to another field of work if we think that the position assigned is not suitable for you.
In principle, this is not intended, as each volunteer becomes an expert in his or her field through the specific training sessions and many areas overlap in time. If there are two areas that are compatible with each other, please leave your request under “other comments” directly in the registration form.

It is highly likely that the working areas will be fixed in September, before the orientation event. You will be informed in the Volunteer Newsletter as soon as it’s fixed.

After fixing the working areas, it will be noted in your profile. You should be able to access it at any time via the link in your confirmation e-mail. If this doesn’t work, please contact us at: volunteers@euroskills2020.at

In principle, each volunteer applies individually. However, it is of course possible to indicate in your registration that you would like to volunteer with a friend in the same area of work. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to work together and in the same shift.

Transport and Shuttle

Yes. With your accreditation and an official photo ID, you can use the public transport free of charge in the entire zone 101.

Tram Tram Station “JAKOMINIGÜRTEL/MESSE” Tram lines: 5, 4 & 13
Tram Station


Tram lines: 4 & 13
Tram Station


Tram lines: 4 & 13
Bus Bus Station


Bus line: 66
Train Railway Station


Train line: S3, S31 and various REX

We recommend taking the train, as it is the fastest way to get from the station to the event area. Additionally, the buses will probably be overloaded especially in the morning.

Online route planner: https://www.verbundlinie.at/

No parking spaces are provided. Please use the public transport.

We kindly ask you to use public transportation or the P&R opportunities.

For some areas, we will offer shuttles. This is arranged according to area and capacity. Please let us know if you are interested in a shuttle service and we will check the possibilities.

If you send us all flight details in time, we will try to arrange a shuttle to your accommodation.

Otherwise, there will be the possibility to use public transport:

  • The train station is about 500m by foot.
    Train line: S5 (Graz Main Station “Hauptbahnhof”)
  • The bus stop is right outside the passenger terminal.
    Bus line: 630 & 631 (Graz Centre “Jakominiplatz”)

The price for a one-way trip is EURO 2,50.

We recommend the airport Graz (IATA: GRZ). By public transport, you will be in the center of Graz in about 10 – 20 minutes.

The second possibility would be the Austrian capital Vienna (IATA: VIE). There are very good train connections from Vienna to Graz (at least once an hour). Duration: about 2 – 3 hours.
For detailed timetable information and purchase of tickets, please use: https://www.oebb.at/en/

The cheaper way to travel from Vienna to Graz is via “Flixbus” directly for Vienna Airport. Please make sure to book your ticket well in advance, as availabilities are limited: https://global.flixbus.com/

There will be few parking spaces available at the accommodation. Please let us know well in advance if you need such a parking space. Afterwards, please use the public transport in Graz to get to the venue.

How do I get…?

There will be an official date in early September where you can pick up your accreditation.

All international volunteers will receive their accreditation upon their arrival.

There will be an official date in early September where you can pick up your volunteer clothing.

All international volunteers will receive their volunteer clothing upon their arrival.

Once the event and your responsibilities are completed, your certificate will be sent to you by email. Due to time limits, this can take until the end of September/beginning of October. Please let us know if you need it earlier.

If you wish to get internship credits for your volunteering experience, it is your responsibility to send us the necessary documents in time. The contact address is: volunteers@euroskills2020.at

Once the event and your responsibilities are completed, your certificate will be sent to you by email. Due to time limits, this can take until the end of January/beginning of Februar. Please let us know if you need it earlier.

Orientation and Training Sessions

The orientation session should give you an overview of the event and your work area. This session is the same for all volunteers.

The training session prepares you directly for your role and the specific tasks. In this session only your Volunteer Coordinator, your Group Leader and your team members will be present. The training session dates vary depending on your field of operation.

The training dates will be announced in our monthly newsletter and on our homepage. Probably the orientation session is scheduled for May.

If you cannot attend the orientation session, please contact: volunteers@euroskills2020.at. There will be an online summary of the session.

The training session is essential for your operation. If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend, please contact: volunteers@euroskills2020.at. There will be an online summary of the session.

For international volunteers, the orientation/training session will be online.

Volunteer Shifts

You will get your exact shift plan after your training session.

A volunteer shift is between 6 and 10 hours long and includes at least one, but if possible several breaks throughout the day.

Yes. Please check in about 15 minutes before your shift starts.

Yes. Please always check in about 15 minutes before your shift starts by contacting your Group Leader.

Yes. Please always check out by contacting your Group Leader.

Basically, no. If, for whatever reason, you have to leave your shift earlier or start later, please discuss this directly with your Group Leader.

Basically, no. Please discuss this directly with your Group Leader.

To cancel or change your volunteer shift, please contact your Group Leader.

When you have to cancel your volunteer shift, please contact your Group Leader.

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